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Visits and Events during 2017


The Branch continues to grow in strength and meets at Mapperley Golf Club the second Tuesday of the month at 1900 hrs.  The hospitality shown to us by the club is second to none, for which we are very grateful.  Our members are all ex Sherwood Rangers and attached personnel, although wives and partners are very welcome to attend. Don Brown is our welfare rep and does sterling work on behalf of the branch as our main aim is comradeship and welfare.


Last year we had 12 monthly meetings with an average attendance of 25 Sherwood Rangers.  All our meetings have a buffet after and we do not pay subs but rely upon our members contributing to a voluntary fund bowl which is passed round during our meetings.


Our year started on May 14th when we organised a coach trip to Cavalry Memorial parade.  After the parade we moved north to the Police Sports Club at Bushey where we enjoyed a very good buffet.


On 4th June we travelled by minibus to Bayeux to take part in some of the annual commemorations along with the association organised trip. We also completed our own itinerary which included the American beaches and cemetery, something we had not done before. On Sunday July 2nd we took a group to Coventry Air Museum and had a very interesting day.


At our July meeting we were given a presentation on the 17/21st Lancers, ‘Balaklava’ by Captain Mick Holtby, which was enjoyed by all.  Sunday 13th August saw the Branch attend ‘Armageddon’ in Leicestershire: A collection of cold war armour which was very interesting.  The trip was organised by Lee Walker.


October the 21st saw the Branch hold the Alamein Dinner, a black tie function at the Golf club, again a great night with the South Notts. Hussars filling a complete table and their band played some great tunes including the post horn gallop. Our guest of honour was Colonel Stuart 2i/c 7th Infantry Brigade and several of our officers also attended.


On Saturday November 11th we attended the SNH Remembrance dinner at the Masonic Lodge in Nottingham. The next day we attended the Remembrance parade in Nottingham and after a service in St Mary’s church we marched past the council house with the Nottinghamshire Police pipe band and at the council house the Band of the SNH. On Sunday the 19th of November we took part in the RBL parade on Mapperley top.


On December 9th we had our Christmas social at the Golf Club: Another successful night.


The Branch started two initiatives.  One was a new and full size Association Banner.  This idea was a joint one between Martin Kerry and Chris Walker and after much deliberation a design was agreed by the Branch and the trustees.  The flag was duly manufactured and very kindly paid for by Colonel Jonathan Hunt, as a gift to the Association.


The other idea was celebrating the Regiment by holding a Yeomanry Day on 11th August 2018, an idea pinched from our sister Regiment the QOY.  The day is aimed at highlighting our serving squadron, its role and equipmen,t for recruiting purposes and will be built on our regimental history, with real history enthusiasts taking part in uniform and with vehicles including, we hope, a tank. We hope to have two parts to the day – an open day for families and a grown up social event in the evening.


The Branch also continues to grow financially and is healthy cash wise but our aim is bringing together old comrades/ friends to promote fellowship and caring for one another.


Capt Alan Brooks Honorary Secretary Arnold Branch



Arnold Branch Report 2017

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