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Midlands Branch Report 2015

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I am pleased to report that the Branch has had a very good year. I am also pleased to report that the Branch is in a good financial position due to the concerted efforts by Chris Woodward, the Branch Treasurer, and latterly John Maltby, our Chairman, along with the continued support from the Branch Committee and the Membership.


New members are always welcome.  All ex-members of the SRY, serving members or ex-members of the RY, or if you were or are attached to either, you are automatically a member of the Midlands Branch by right.  We will always be pleased to see you at our monthly meetings which are held on the fourth Wednesday each month at the TA Centre, Carlton, by kind permission of the Squadron Leader, Major A D Jenkins.  


Please remember to let us know your full address and telephone number, so we can keep you informed of our Branch activities.


Visits and Events during 2015


The Branch had a very busy 2015 starting with the Regimental OCA Annual dinner in April, and in May, the Cavalry Memorial Parade in Hyde Park.


The Branch attended the Armed Forces day event at Wollaton Park Nottingham, where we had a stall, and members of the Midland Branch took part in the Drumhead Service


In October our Branch had its now annual trip to Bournemouth, which was marred by the health problems of some of our members which reduced the numbers accordingly.  However, after a subdued start, the weekend proved to be a great success.


Our Remembrance parade took place as usual in Newark on Sunday the 8th of November. The only negative point was that the number of ex-SRY comrades attending, seems to diminish every year and I would ask for those who are able, to make a concerted effort to boost the numbers. If you have a problem with transport please would you make any of the Branch committee aware and we will always try to assist whenever possible.


Moving into 2016 on the 9th January, the Branch had a late Christmas Dinner at the Vale Social Club, Colwick, which, with more people attending was another great success.  Our AGM was held on the 24th February at Carlton ARC, which was followed by our normal Branch meeting.




On the welfare side, if you are aware of anyone who has passed away, or is suffering or in need, please contact Donald Brown or another committee member.  The Midlands Branch has always had a special interest in the welfare of the Association members and widows and we actively support the Widows' Fund.  Any donations to the Widows' Fund will, as always, be greatly appreciated.


Midlands Branch Committee for 2016


Branch Chairman         Mr John Maltby           0115   974  4092

Secretary                        Mr Tony Higton           01949 875  749

Treasurer                        Mr Chris Woodward    0115   987  9915

Welfare Visitor              Mr Don Brown             0115   987  7801

Vice Chairman                Mr Mike Freeman

Assistant Secretary        Mrs Ann Barrow

Newsletter Editor               vacant


Tony Higton (Midland Branch Secretary)

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