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Squadron News 2014

The recent decision to increase the size of the reserves has presented a major challenge, not least because it coincided with the introduction of a new outsourced recruiting system which was designed for the regular army with little, if any, attention to the special needs of the TA.  Some improvements have been made but a major challenge remains and recruiting for the reserves overall is behind schedule.


Not for the SRY though, which has done what it has always done, which is to get on and do the job, if necessary despite the system, and using the tried and tested methods of  local effort and capitalising on its local brand.  As a result, the Sqn went to Camp in the autumn well up to strength, with its full complement of vehicles and with a trained soldier in very seat.  This was a remarkable achievement in the circumstances and all concerned must be congratulated.



S (SRY) Sqn RY at camp 2014


However, more remains to be done as, given the overall situation, the authorities have said that successful units can continue to recruit as many new members as can qualify, so the Sqn Leader has set his sights on even higher numbers…


The Association has supported recruiting with financial and other assistance, including taking part in local activities which help to reinforce our local image.


The recent reorganisation has meant the departure from the Royal Yeomanry of one of its founder members: The Wiltshire Yeomanry (formerly A Sqn), to be replaced by the Warwickshire and Worcester Yeomanry in Dudley and the Shropshire Yeomanry in Telford.   This means that the SRY will be the senior sqn and it will become A (SRY) Sqn RY with effect from 1st April 2015.

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