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An Introduction

The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry have a distinguished history and proud continuing record of service as Army Reserves unmatched by any other Unit. They are and have been extraordinarily adaptable throughout and are currently rôled as Light Cavalry, equipped with the new RWMIK Land Rover vehicle.

battle honours

Formed in 1794 against a threatened French invasion, the Sherwood Rangers were also used for internal security during the early 19th century.  They then became a general reserve cavalry unit. They first served abroad during the Boer War, as part of the Imperial Yeomanry.

In 1915-16 they fought dismounted at Gallipoli, then took a leading part in the great cavalry advance of 1917-18 through Palestine and Syria which broke the Turkish army.


Beginning the Second World War still on horseback, they ended it as an armoured regiment of the highest renown, earned by fighting in tanks from Alamein to Tunis then from D-Day, through France, Belgium and Holland and into Germany.


Throughout the Cold War the Sherwood Rangers kept high standards of readiness and training in armoured and reconnaissance rôles, contributing to NATO’s successful facing down of the Soviet threat. In recent years, Sherwood Rangers have seen active service in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, and they continue to be at the forefront of the nation’s defence capability.

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