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World War 1  (the Great War)

At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, the Sherwood Rangers were mobilised and, after consolidating their training, sent to Egypt. In 1915 the Regiment was ordered to Gallipoli where, dismounted, they served against the Turks for three months in the infantry role. The Sherwood Rangers were awarded a King’s Colour, a distinction usually reserved for infantry battalions, in recognition of their gallantry at Gallipoli.


After a short and well deserved rest in Egypt, where they reclaimed their horses, the Regiment was sent to Macedonia. There, as cavalry in a multi-national force, they helped the Greeks to defend the Salonika area against Bulgarian aggression and eventual invasion.


They were next recalled to Egypt to play a leading part in the great cavalry-dominated fighting advance of 1916-18 under General Allenby, which swept from Gaza through Palestine and all the way to Damascus, breaking the Turkish Army and resulting in the final downfall of the Ottoman Empire. The Sherwood Rangers were mentioned more often than any other unit in the Official History of this crucial campaign, and won 13 Battle Honours for their service in Gallipoli, Macedonia, Egypt and Palestine.  

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