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Some biographies

To those who have not served in a regiment it is difficult to convey the comradeship which is engendered, even in peace time; how much more so in wartime.  Major H.M.S Gold MC, writing about four of his troop sergeants (Sgts. G. Green, L. Biddell, W. Crookes and W. Digby) who were killed in action in Jun 1944 wrote “We were all close friends, a friendship proven of daily companionship, dangers shared, difficulties overcome.  As friends we mourn them, as leaders their equal does not exist but their tradition they have left with us.”  This comradeship is what carried the regiment through some of the toughest fighting of the war.


We cannot detail every man who has served with the Sherwood Rangers so I have tried to make representative selection which will perhaps give you some idea of who they were and what they did.  I hope to add more in the future.


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